OpenVPN (SSL VPN) vs. Runetale

OpenVPN provides VPN security services for individuals and businesses. Since the initial release of the first version in 2001, it has led the industry as a pioneer of VPNs that replace IPSec, for more than 20 years. (AWS's AWS Client VPN is also built on OpenVPN).

Features of OpenVPN

OpenVPN is an SSL/TLS VPN that uses OpenSSL. It supports both TCP and UDP communication protocols and provides flexible service offerings tailored to customer needs, such as the managed SaaS-type "OpenVPN Cloud" and self-hosted "OpenVPN Access Server".

Comparison with Runetale

The biggest difference between Runetale and OpenVPN is the VPN protocol used. Runetale uses WireGuard, while OpenVPN uses SSL.

RunetaleOpenVPN (Cloud version)
End-to-end EncryptionYesNo (VPN Gateway required)
Communication LatencyMinimalDependent on the Gateway server environment used
Zero TrustYesYes
Open SourceYesYes
Pricing StructurePer UserPer Connection (simultaneous devices)