Features Guide

Route Control

Subnet Connector
Coming soon

Available as a gateway when the Runetale agent cannot (or does not want to) be installed. Examples include legacy servers and VPC private subnet spaces.

Exit Door
Coming soon

Automatically & always routes all traffic through a specific node. Can be used to route through a server for logging purposes or to use personal devices as a consumer VPN.

Authentication and Operational Management

SSO Login

Authenticates and manages user accounts via SSO. Currently supports Google Workspaces and Microsoft AD.

User Provisioning (SCIM)
Coming soon

Can automatically reflect already operational ACL policies by integrating with IDaaS that support SCIM, such as Okta and Microsoft AD.

Runetale API & IaC
Coming soon

Automate server integrations and ACL policy settings via API or IaC such as Terraform.

Private DNS
Coming soon

Access devices and servers using dns.

Audit Log & SIEM Integration
Coming soon

Collect metadata collected by Runetale. We will support SIEM integration.

Device and User, Pre-Approval
Coming soon

Allows admin to approve new devices and users joining the network. Can prevent unintended use.

Access Control

Access Control Policies (ACLs)

Control who can access what based on user roles, not IP addresses.

Two-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Coming soon

Have a two-step authentication at the start of any session.

Device Control

Device Posture
Coming soon

Perform security checks on user devices by OS type.

MDM & EDR Integration
Coming soon

Integrate with various Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools and Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) tools such as CrowdStrike.

Add-on Features

Coming soon

Allows file sharing between different devices in the same network, similar to Airdrop.