Replacing Site-to-Site VPNs with WireGuard for Improved Security and Performance

Site-to-site VPNs play the role of connecting local networks that are physically separated, such as between a headquarters and branch offices. They are widely used by companies with multiple locations or worksites to enable instant access to a customer database managed at a Seattle headquarters from a New York branch office.

Common use-cases

  • Connect networks between multiple branch offices in different regions and headquarters to reflect and share data in real time.
  • Access an physical office LAN and use PCs in a subnet as a remote desktop.
  • Connect an on-premises server at the office with VPCs like AWS to achieve hybrid cloud operation.

Runetale benefits as alternative to Site-to-site VPNs

Runetale uses the mesh network of WireGuard to create a secure and high-speed private network between each site. There is no need for dedicated router equipment or complicated individual settings for each location.

In addition, by using the same method to combine with cloud infrastructure, it is possible to achieve a simple operational structure for managing hybrid cloud.

Common site-to-site VPN providers

  • Hardware products from NTT, Palo Alto Networks, etc.
  • AWS VPN (Direct Connect, Site-to-Site VPN)
  • GCP VPN (VPN available on Google Cloud)
  • Verona