What is Runetale

Runetale offers a simple and efficient solution to the complexities of traditional corporate VPNs. It is built on top of WireGuard®, which allows users to connect their devices and services through direct Peer-to-Peer connectivity.

Unlike other VPNs, there is no need for firewalls or complicated configurations, saving you valuable time that would otherwise be spent endless troubleshooting network issues. Runetale provides an effortless out-of-the-box experience by abstracting all the benefits of WireGuard's advanced cryptography, while also adding additional useful features to enhance the mesh-network experience. With Runetale, you can streamline your workflow while ensuring maximum security.

Runetale Benefits

Traditional VPNs rely on a VPN Gateway as an intermediary to verify inbound connections and prevent malicious users from gaining access to the private resources. It is responsible for securely bridging multiple offices, devices, clouds, and on-premise servers to create secure private networks.

Traditional VPN
Figure1. The use of a VPN Gateway is necessary to authenticate incoming connections, and therefore cannot be eliminated. However, the concept is based on on-premise servers, not cloud infrastructure.

There are several disadvantages associated with using a VPN Gateway in today's society:

  • As the number of simultaneous connections increases, the speed becomes significantly slower.
  • A single point of failure creates vulnerabilities in security, such as lateral movement.
  • As the company grows larger, operational complexity increases, leading to higher human costs.

Before the rise of work-from-home trends and cloud infrastructure adoption, only a few people were concerned about these issues. However, the situation is different now. Traditional VPN designs are now reaching their limits, both in terms of security and user experience.

Fortunately, these problems can be solved through Runetale!

With Runetale, connectivity is simple and fast thanks to the open-source WireGuard VPN protocol. There's no need to configure firewalls, VPN Gateways, or other complex settings because a private network is established directly between users and services.

Peer-to-peer connectivity with Runetale
Figure2. Peer-to-peer connectivity with Runetale. No VPN Gateway any more.

Runetale is for you?

The migration from a traditional VPN to Runetale is effortless. Whether you are already using an AWS Client VPN or OpenVPN within your organization, Runetale can be seamlessly deployed alongside your existing VPN solution without any disruption.

In other words, Runetale can work in parallel with your current infrastructure and within your small team.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at contact@runetale.com.