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Runetale is the simplest way to secure your remote-first teams and cloud. Replace traditional VPNs in minutes.

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Supercharge your

virtual network

Build your own WireGuard® mesh network in minutes. Wherever your servers or devices are located, the connection is always peer-to-peer.

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Connect directly, from anywhere.
Fast, Secure, Simple

Just connect your machines and cloud instances to replace your traditional VPN. No need to worry about firewalls or complex network configurations

Up and Running in just 10min

Manage your resources with Zero-Trust based access control through SSO integration. We will support Terraform (IaC) for seamless cloud integration.

Your own VPN, one-click away

Log in with your favorite SSO, such as Google Workspace or AzureAD. No dependencies on existing networks, so you can integrate us step-by-step

Best-of-breed, manage any cloud infrastructure as ease

For engineers who often connect to cloud infrastructures such as AWS, GCP, Azure, etc., we provide a UX that does not spoil the development experience.

Amazon Web ServicesMicrosoft AzureMicrosoft Azure
coming soon

Available multiple devices

Mobile and desktop apps are included for all plans. Desktop apps will be generally available in early February 2023 and mobile apps in early March 2023

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

We provide modern secure environment, with additional value from the Peer-to-peer mesh network advantages.

*some features are generally available when official launch

Build on top of the WireGuard

A mesh private network based on the Noise protocol encryption. Fast and secure modern networking experience

Role based Access Controls (ACL)

Manage who can access what easily through both web-based and code-based

Split tunneling by default

Automatically detects communications that require VPN protection (e.g., connections to AWS) and those that do not (e.g., use of Google) to optimize performance.s

Route traffic

You can route all traffic through specific devices for logging or additional layer of security when you are under Free Wi-Fi or unsecure environments.


Use our DNS for your devices so you don't have to take care of complicated IP addresses any more

Terraform Integration

Use our Terraform Provider or API to automatically deploy Runetale into your infrastructure

Remote Desktop

Connect your machines directly only through Dotshake VPN. Just install our clients, then it just works

File sharing like Airdrop

Instant secure file transfer between devices within your corporate network, like Airdrop. It is fast because we do not upload to the cloud.

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