Your secure internet

Runetale transforms corporate network security and remote collaboration, making it more secure, faster, and enjoyable in minutes.

Works seamlessly with multiple platforms

Open computer,
issue certs, managekeys, open firewalls,fight with NATs,assign DNS, VPNGateways, Zero-Trust,connect nowhere.

Endlessly manage complicated network configurations like firewalls, IPs & Ports, and NAT traversal. Worst of all, your outdated traditional VPN is still slow, vulnable, and unstable even with proper configuration.

Runetale brings simplicity to secure networking

Runetale transforms traditional VPNs, once vulnerable, slow, and outdated, into fast, secure, and finely tuned for the modern world.

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    • Always fast, from anywhere

      Devices and resources connect directly without going through an intermediary unlike traditional VPNs, results in minimal latency.

      Secure, peer-to-peer encryption

      Securely remote access your devices, clouds, VMs, and any private resources, no matter where they are located, powered by WireGuard®.

      Onboard in 3 mins, zero-trust today

      Easy setup, without making any changes to existing infrastructure. Introduce Runetale step-by-step, while running other VPNs in parallel.

  • Works from your machines

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    • soon

    Manage identity easily
    with your SSO

    Log in with your favorite ID that you use every day, such as Google, Microsoft, or Github. For enterprises, we also support custom OIDC via WebFinger and user provisioning through SCIM with Okta & Microsoft Entra ID.

    Runetale VPN Network Diagram

    Strong security,
    the most simplified networking experience ever

    • Automate WireGuard® management

      Everything is automated like key exchanges and IP lists distribution required for point-to-point connectivity. Self-hosting support is coming soon.

      Multiplatform Support

      All plans include multiplatform support, macOS, Windows, iOS, Android and Linux.

      SSO & IdP Login

      Simply integrate your existing OIDC provider, to achieve zero-trust. Easily manage user identities and access policies without requiring complex configurations.

      Access Control (ACLs)

      Manage who can access what visually or via APIs. We support both role-based ACLs and also network-based such as IP and ports.

      Two-Factor Authentication (MFA)

      Integrate exisiting SSO provider's unique authentication steps seamlessly so you can restrict access to servers that do not support MFA


      DNS Management

      Automatically assigns DNS to client devices and servers within the network, allowing for name resolution via DNS without needing to remember IP addresses.



      Start using runetale without installing an agent, enabling a step-by-step implementation while using your existing VPN environment.


      Custom OIDC

      Integrate with any OpenID Connect compliant OIDC provider via WebFinger for user authentication, just like regular SSO.


      User Provisioning (SCIM)

      Automate the management of a large number of users, such as adding, deleting, and syncing access policies defined within Okta or Microsoft Entra ID.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have a different question and can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our support team by sending us a request form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

    What is the difference between a general VPN and Runetale?
    Traditional VPNs typically use communication protocols such as IPSec or OpenVPN. Runetale, on the other hand, employs the open-source P2P communication protocol WireGuard.
    WireGuard is OSS, so what is the role of Runetale?
    While the OSS WireGuard is freely available to anyone, technical knowledge is essential, such as managing public and private keys. Runetale provides an environment that anyone can use without detailed settings or knowledge.
    Is Runetale's service available as OSS?
    Yes, Runetale is available as OSS on GitHub. You can check the source code of NAT traversal using WebRTC and other ancillary functions that improve communication performance at any time.
    Is Runetale already available?
    No, currently we are operating on an invitation basis. Invitations are sent in the order of pre-registration, and our support team of engineers will respond.
    Can Runetale see the communication data of its users?
    No, all communications are connected P2P without passing through our servers. Therefore, we are unable to obtain any communication data.
    Can Runetale be used in environments where it cannot be installed?
    Yes, absolutely. For instance, it can be used in environments such as printers, IoT devices, and AWS private subnets. For more details, please contact us.
    We are already operating a VPN within our company, what should we do if we want to use Runetale?
    Runetale can be used in conjunction with an existing VPN. You can even start by test running it by department, so please do not hesitate to contact us.
    What is the most common use case for Runetale?
    The main uses are as a VPN for remote work and for engineers' remote access to the cloud. It is also used as a VPN between bases in physical stores.
    Do we need a dedicated person in-house when introducing Runetale?
    Even if there is no in-house person in charge, our engineers will continuously support you from initial setup to operation.
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