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Runetale aims to bring the internet back to its "simplicity" of the 1990s. We envision a world where anyone, regardless of whether they are an individual, family, or business, can experience the value of the secure internet anytime, anywhere, and with anyone, through "small internet".

While new internet technologies such as 5G are becoming more widely available, the complexity of the internet is increasing paradoxically because companies have to secure their data. Despite the advanced state of public internet technology, private networking still lag behind in the 1G world. To bridge this gap, Runetale offers an "Overlay-Network" designed to provide a more secure and simplified experience.

Secured Seed Funding

We secured the seed round from Silicon Valley based Carbide Ventures and Delight Ventures.

Released alpha

Runetale launched its alpha version for the United States customers.

Launched for early customers

Current Phase! Runetale is now available to businesses in the United States and Japan on an invite-only basis.

Public launch of the product

Runetale will be publicly launched in July 2023. Anyone can start using it at any time. Individual users will always be free.

The origin of Runetale




Runetale draws its inspiration from the concept of "delivering the essential value of the internet with magical surprise." Rune Alphabet, also known as Runic alphabet, is a common language that originated from the Gothic word "runa" meaning "secret," which was used by Germanic people mainly in Northern Europe during the Viking Age.

Our goal is to foster a society where everyone can naturally experience the magical experience that the internet originally has, by creating a "common language" as a communication protocol. When it comes to VPN, we often have the image of it being difficult and professional, like security. (We think that way too sometimes). However, we aim to change people's lifestyles by using Runetale as an interface that narrates the true value of the internet.

Backed by the world’s best innovators.

Carbide VenturesDelight VenturesAlchemist AcceleratorMicrosoft for StartupsEast Ventures

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